How Well Do You Monitor Your Sugar?

One of the biggest health problems in the world is diabetes and we know how chronic this illness gets- most especially on how it affects the whole body, mind, and lifestyle of a person. Diabetes has several cause factors and one of the most common ones is obesity. Taking in more calories than you should and your body needs, like sugary foods and drinks, will lead you to weight gain. Remember, too much of something is not good- in this case, calories.

Now that we have spotted the main culprit for diabetes type 1 and 2, what are actually the main signs that you already have one? Even though no individual is the same, it is still best to know the symptoms and monitor yourself from time to time.

Increased thirst

Still feeling thirsty even after you finish hydrating yourself or do you feel unusually thirsty all the time even when the weather is not hot? Because of that, you also keep urinating. These are early signs of type 1 diabetes. Better to monitor and have yourself checked early to avoid further complications.

Increased urination

Since you have been excessively drinking water to hydrate yourself, of course, the urine movement has also increased. Unusual going back and forth in the washroom is already an early indication that something is going on in your body.

Losing weight 

If you find yourself trimming your weight down without even trying, it might be alarming most especially if you follow a specific diet or routine. This symptom may have a lot of factors, but this is one of the most common and evident. Monitoring your weight and watching out your pattern in eating might be useful to keeping track of your health and possible problems.

Cuts and wounds take longer to heal

Since the body cannot produce and use insulin properly, your sugar level rises which affects how the body heals the wound. This is the reason why any cut or wound heals slowly or sometimes, does not heal well. 

To monitor your sugar or glucose level, Pharmamart offers blood glucose monitor that help keep track of your sugar level conveniently- most especially if you already are diagnosed with diabetes.

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