Contour Next Blood Glucose Test Strips

Contour Next Blood Glucose Test Strips

Contour Next Strip confidently offers the best performance in accuracy and convenience, continuous glucose monitor, and other incredible features. It is ideal for monitoring the blood glucose of Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 using insulin. The result has shown to be remarkably accurate that has a minimum marginal difference.


Why is Monitoring Blood Glucose Levels Important?

Using the Next One Glucose Monitoring System is essential. It allows diabetes patients to monitor their glucose levels, normal blood sugar levels chart, and avoid unwanted side effects closely. People would highly benefit from the Contour Next testing strips as they help identify any causes of blood sugar fluctuation to balance their diet accordingly.

Many diabetic patients don't experience symptoms unless they undergo hyperglycemia (blood glucose level is too high) or hypoglycemia (blood glucose level is too low). Without the test strip and monitoring system, hyperglycemia could result in severe consequences and complications of diabetes. To minimize the risks of heart attacks, stroke, and problems with the kidney and eyes - people with diabetes must closely monitor their blood glucose levels.

contour next blood glucose monitoring testing strips

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Test glucose levels at home like a pro—low margin error testing strips by Contour Next. Help your health by establishing accurate sugar levels timely.

  1. Accuracy

Contour Next meter is the best-performing blood glucose monitor, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Diabetes Cares conducted research arguing that over two-thirds of commercially available blood glucose meters have not met the industry standard of accuracy. Contour Next Test Strips and its meter have exceeded a 99.7% of accuracy rate. Easy Sip-In Sampling® helps you get tested accurately on your first try.

The technology allows blood to be easily sipped into the test strip with no excessive amount entering the meter. In addition, every stripe is integrated with the calibration electrode using the No Coding™ Technology. The Contour Next strip automatically calibrates the meter upon insertion, eliminating the incompatibility between meter and strip.

  1. Convenience

Contour next test strips in Canada are the most convenient since they provide accurate results with just a tiny sample size. Second-Chance® allows people to re-apply blood to the same strip within 30 seconds after the first application without wasting a new strip. On top of that, Sip-In Sampling® could get the right yet small amount of blood on the teasing strip where there will always be enough blood glucose samples.

The Contour Next Test Strips are compatible with the Contour Next One Glucose Monitoring System. The system, the only few approved by the FDA, includes Contour™ Diabetes App, which collects and analytically examines blood glucose levels linked via Bluetooth to a patient's mobile device. The Contour Next System delivers instant feedback, reminders, and alerts to add an interactive feature to diabetic management.                                                                                        

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